Apple iPod Nano – 5th Generation – Packed with new features

MP3 PlayersOn March 31, 2010 at 6:29 am

This is a new version of Nano that comes in both eight and sixteen gigabyte version. The price is $149 and $179 respectively. The design hasn’t changed much, it is the same as what we saw previously. Not a whole lot has changed about the Nano’s look. The screen is now larger, 2.2 inch display instead of two inch screen that we saw in its predecessor. The finish of the device is a little bit different; it has polished illuminant finish instead of the matte one that we saw in the last version. So the design is the same and there are lot of color options here too. The iPod too is still really thin.

One big hardware change in the Apple iPod Nano – 5th Generation, is the inclusion of camera at the back which can now take videos. You got to appreciate the way Apple manages to cram in features in the device without increasing the bulk or thickness. The videos are recorded at 640×480 at thirty frames per second which is a pretty good resolution. When you go to the video capture application, you will see that it is just like iPhone. When you hold down the center button, you get a list of effects that you can apply to your video. Now, we were surprised by the long list of options which the iPod had to offer. You can record in plenty of effects for your video. There is also an options for creepy grain mode but we are not sure if you’ll want to use that. You can make your video look like old timer movie. Whole bunch of effects makes it fun for the camera to use.

There is a built in microphone and also a speaker which is also a new addition to Apple iPod Nano – 5th Generation. Inclusion of this two makes this an excellent substitute to mini camcorders like Flip or like some solid state drive based video camera. Inclusion of the microphone lets you record your voice to the device. You can do voice memos, and you don’t have to plug in some weird third party headphones or headphones with mic.

A new feature is the genius mixes which we also saw in the Nano’s last version but this time it can go a lot longer. It goes up to hours and takes genre based selection for it. You can select rock, folk, hip-hop, etc and the player will play the tracks accordingly. You can also set the player to play extended mixes in which the device randomly mixes the songs and plays them for you.

We never thought we would see an FM radio but this player does come with one. We have been complaining about the lack of this feature since long and this was the only feature which was absent on the iPod when you’d compare it with other players. But we are glad that Apple has finally given that to us. When Apple does something, they really do it and same thing has been repeated in FM radio here. Apart from tuning in to radio stations, the player has the ability to pull in RDS information so you can see station identification tag, song tag, on stations that send out that information.

You can also tag songs which support the song tagging ability directly on the Apple iPod Nano – 5th Generation so you can simply go back to iTunes and see what all songs that you liked that you listened to on the radio. Another unique feature about this player is that you can pause and play live radio. The songs are stored in the cache for up to fifteen seconds and you can resume when ever you want. You can resume playback, you can rewind playback. This is a really cool thing; we haven’t seen this yet on a MP3 player or any other FM playing device.

The Apple iPod Nano – 5th Generation also comes with built in pedometer. Up till now, Nano had support for Nike Plus pedometer which needed you to plug in and then you could put the chip in your shoe and you’d get the output on the screen. This pedometer records your steps and you use the results to check your fitness. However, you cannot upload that data to Nike Plus Website. We would have liked if the feature was there, we could have tracked our results through the Website. On the bright side, we like this feature and it will go well with fitness freaks. You can also use this device at the gym.

There are a lot of welcome additions to the Apple iPod Nano – 5th Generation, the design hasn’t changed much and the price has dropped a bit and the new features in here should make people buy it.


Packed with new features, like FM radio, video playback, Genius Mixes, pedometer and built in speaker. Screen size is also increased.


Camera cannot shoot photos, lens is located at awkward position, no storage options beyond 16 GB


Cannot shoot videos

  • Connectors – Headphones Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm, Docking station.
  • Headphones – Response bandwidth – 20 – 20000 Hz, Impedance – 32 Ohm
  • LCD – 2.2 inches, 240 x 376 resolution
  • Playback mode – Random play / shuffle, All tracks repeat, One track repeat, Repeat all, Playlist.
  • Supported audio formats – Apple Lossless, Audible, AIFF, WAV, MP3, AAC
  • Recharge time – three hours, rated battery life – 24 hours.
  • Display menu language: Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Brazilian Portuguese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Norwegian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Japanese, Croatian, Turkish, Swedish, Spanish, Serbian, Russian, Italian, Finnish, English, Slovak, Polish, Korean, Hebrew, German, French, Danish, Arabic, Greek, Dutch, Czech, Thai.
  • Additional features – Battery level indication, USB 2.0 compatibility, Upgradeable firmware, Nike + iPod support, Genius technology, Volume limiter, Motion sensor, Cover Flow, VoiceOver, Pedometer.
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